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St Neot Parish Council
St Neot Social Club and Village Hall

Council Meetings, Agendas & Minutes

The Parish Council meets on the second Wednesday of each month (except August) in the Committee Room, St Neot Village Hall.


Date Comment Agenda Minutes
12th June 2024  AgendaMinutes (Unapproved)
15th May 2024Planning Committee  AgendaMinutes (Unapproved)
15th May 2024  AgendaMinutes
29th April 2024Finance Committee  AgendaMinutes (Unapproved)
10th April 2024Planning Committee  AgendaMinutes
10th April 2024  AgendaMinutes
13th March 2024Planning Committee  AgendaMinutes
13th March 2024  AgendaMinutes
21st February 2024Planning Committee  AgendaMinutes
21st February 2024  AgendaMinutes
10th January 2024  AgendaMinutes


Date Comment Agenda Minutes
13th December 2023Planning Committee  AgendaMinutes
13th December 2023  AgendaMinutes
27th November 2023Finance Committee  AgendaMinutes
8th November 2023Planning Committee  AgendaMinutes
8th November 2023  AgendaMinutes
11th October 2023Planning Committee  AgendaMinutes
11th October 2023  AgendaMinutes
13th September 2023Planning Committee  AgendaMinutes
13th September 2023  AgendaMinutes
9th August 2023  AgendaMinutes
12th July 2023Planning Committee  AgendaMinutes
12th July 2023  AgendaMinutes
14th June 2023Planning Committee  AgendaMinutes
14th June 2023  AgendaMinutes
26th May 2023Extra ordinary Meeting  AgendaMinutes
3rd May 2023Planning Committee  AgendaMinutes
3rd May 2023  AgendaMinutes
26th April 2023Extra ordinary Meeting  AgendaMinutes
12th April 2023Planning Committee  AgendaMinutes
12th April 2023  AgendaMinutes
8th March 2023Planning Committee  AgendaMinutes
8th March 2023  AgendaMinutes
8th February 2023  AgendaMinutes
8th February 2023Planning Committee  AgendaMinutes
11th January 2023Planning Committee  AgendaMinutes
11th January 2023  AgendaMinutes


Date Comment Agenda Minutes
14th December 2022  AgendaMinutes
14th December 2022Planning Committee  AgendaMinutes
23rd November 2022Finance Committee  AgendaMinutes
9th November 2022Planning Committee  AgendaMinutes
9th November 2022  AgendaMinutes
12th October 2022Planning Committee  AgendaMinutes
12th October 2022  AgendaMinutes
28th September 2022Planning Committee  AgendaMinutes
28th September 2022  AgendaMinutes
31st August 2022Planning Committee  AgendaMinutes
31st August 2022  AgendaMinutes
13th July 2022Planning Committee  AgendaMinutes
13th July 2022  AgendaMinutes
8th June 2022Planning Committee  AgendaMinutes
8th June 2022  AgendaMinutes
11th May 2022Planning Committee  AgendaMinutes
11th April 2022  AgendaMinutes
6th April 2022Planning Committee  AgendaMinutes
6th April 2022  AgendaMinutes
9th March 2022Planning Committee  AgendaMinutes
9th March 2022  AgendaMinutes
9th February 2022Planning Committee  AgendaMinutes
9th February 2022  AgendaMinutes
12th January 2022Planning Committee  AgendaMinutes
12th January 2022  AgendaMinutes