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St Neot Parish Council

Welcome to the official website of St Neot Parish Council

There is a vacancy on the parish council.  If you are interested in becoming a councillor, please email the Clerk at

St Neot is a large, sparsely populated moorland parish on Bodmin Moor, Cornwall. The Fowey river forms the eastern and southern boundaries, the old road from Bodmin to Launceston forms the northern boundary, and the western boundary follows the Warleggan river before following the Bedalder stream running out of Dewey marsh high on the moor.

The main settlement is St Neot, located in a sheltered valley in the south of the parish on the river Loveny or St Neot river. The road through the village was the main route from Bodmin to Liskeard before the construction of the A38 along the Fowey valley. The London Inn was a stopping point on this route and is now a traditional country pub with accommodation.

The village and parish are named after Neot, a Saxon saint about whom very little is known The settlement at St Neot is mentioned in the Domesday Book, at which time it was a village held by Odo, from the Count of Mortain. The holy well of St Neot lies just to the north of the village.

The higher moorland shows evidence of much earlier bronze age settlements and field systems. From the earliest times until the early industrial period, minerals including tin and copper were mined from the moor.

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